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8 August – Wednesday night Sam and I witnessed a beautiful dusk launch of a Delta IV rocket carrying a US-Australian military communication satellite into orbit.  View a larger image of the launch and how it was taken. 9 August – Another idea Sam has for Halloween, to go as the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  He gave up on the idea when he realized it was all wet.
12 August – This past Saturday’s dawn hike revealed the Brownheads, the Scrub-Jays born this past year, are in the middle of their molt, losing their juvenile feathers as they come into their adult appearance.  Though they may soon look like adults, they are still high-spirited teenagers at heart. 13 August – Another molting Scrub-Jay.  This one preening its feathers.
14 August – Yet another Scrub-Jay from last Saturday’s sunrise hike. 15 August – One final picture of a molting Scrub-Jay at sunrise from last Saturday’s hike.
17 August – This morning I presented the Osprey program to a very nice turnout at Sams House at Pine Island up in Brevard County where they had the event advertised on their entrance sign. 17 August – I presented the Osprey program in the brown building built in 1875, which is “believed to be the oldest standing home in Brevard County.  Originally built in Eau Gallie, the house was taken apart, floated up the Indian River Lagoon, and reassembled on this site in 1878.”  The white house next door to it was built in 1888 to accommodate the growing Sams family.
19 August – One of the many tiny puffball Mimosa flowers seen along the south ORCA trail today. 21 August – The Mimosa along the south ORCA trail is sensitive to the touch.  The leaves curl up within moments when disturbed.
23 August – Very interesting sky tonight as storms moved in from the west just after sunset as viewed from the beach at Bob Bruce and Janice Broda’s house as we set out for a long walk with Sam and Pepper. Ride along with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Up-Close Tour of Launch Complex 39A. View stills and panoramas from the tour.
30 August – Walk on the beach with Pepper and Sam at sunset.  Pepper is a real trooper and would probably swim halfway to Spain to retrieve her ball if you could throw it that far into the ocean. 30 August – Looking north along the beach.  Clouds piling up over Sebastian Inlet State Park at sunset.
3 September - Turning the End of the Space Shuttle Program photographs into a tribute movie. 10 September – Oak Tree, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
11 September – Spent the day in Tampa with a morning presentation to an enthusiastic group who treated me to a wonderful lunch and then enjoyed an afternoon walk around beautiful historic Ybor City which has a bit of a New Orleans flair to it where I could not resist a big slice of veggie pizza from this really good pizzera there on the main drag.  Can do without all the traffic, especially during the morning rush hour.  ---with Aimee Gravelle and Lizzy Gravelle 12 September – Ybor City.
13 September – Ybor City – from Window Series II 14 September – Miami – from the Urban Series, #32
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