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24 March - Florida Scrub-Jay at Pelican Island Audubon’s Martha Wininger Reflection Park – with Jane Schnee. 25 March – Florida Scrub-Jay – with Joe Carroll and Roz James at the Indian River Club.
27 March – One final post because it was such a fun event – the ULA social media event for the SBIRS GEO-2 Atlas V launch can be viewed here. 28 March – Though common along the Indian River Lagoon, this Rock Pigeon at Port Canaveral was not included in my “Birds of the IRL” program.  I guess because it was not “exotic” enough, but I’m a fan of the species nonetheless even if it is not native to North America.
29 March – Windblown Florida Scrub-Jay – with Joe Carroll at the Indian River Club. 30 March – Spent Saturday morning as a guest of Nancy Soucy accompanying her as she carried out her duties monitoring the three Florida Scrub-Jay families (one pictured here) at the Sebastian airport, then on to Sebastian Harbor to monitor an eagle nest where we saw at least one of the two eaglets in the nest.  It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.
31 March – One of the Bald Eagles nesting at Sebastian Harbor departs a pine tree on Saturday – with Nancy Soucy. 1 April – Threat of rain this morning that never materialized while with the Florida Scrub-Jays at the Indian River Club – with Joe Carroll and Rosalind James.
2 April – A surprise visitor to FMEL/ORCA – no one can ever remember having seen a Turkey walking around on campus before like this one that showed up on Monday afternoon. 3 April – Crows all around town are working on their nests.
4 April – A Florida Scrub-Jay catches the first light of the rising sun – with Joe Carroll and Roz James at the Indian River Club. 5 April – An uninspiring day resulting from the sudden cancellation of the Treasure Coast Birding Festival due to a little wet weather.  A big disappointment after all the hard work put into the festival by Pelican Island Audubon Society and the Cultural Council of Indian River County.  Pictured is the resident ORCA raccoon walking through the now deserted festival grounds around noontime.
6 April – Despite the impression of an industrial disaster to my mother’s well-maintained backyard bird feeders, they are very popular among the avian denizens of her neighborhood.  Large numbers of Painted and Indigo Buntings overlook the aesthetics for the practicality of the offering.  That’s a female Painted Bunting partially seen to the left of the impressively blue male Indigo Bunting in this morning’s image. 7 April – Compare this image with yesterday’s post.  This is a female Indigo Bunting at my mother’s bird feeders on Saturday morning.  While she lacks the eye-catching blue of the male, her earth tones must help keep her safe by blending in with the surroundings, especially at nesting time.
8 April – A Florida Scrub-Jay on sentinel duty stretches tall to survey his territory – with Roz James at the Indian River Club. 9 April – A male Painted Bunting at my mother’s backyard bird feeders.
10 April – A male Indigo Bunting caught in the act as he fluffs his feathers momentarily turning him into a blue puffball in my mother’s backyard. 11 April - A male Indigo Bunting at my mother’s backyard bird feeders.
12 April – A hot and humid day that had even the Florida Scrub-Jays panting in the heat – with Joe Carroll, Roz James, and Darlene Halliday at the Indian River Club. 13 April – This is a belated post celebrating yesterday’s 52nd Anniversary of the spaceflight of Yuri Gagarin, the first human sent into orbit.  The U.S. orbited John Glenn a bit later and my small collage made of images I took on a recent visit shows what remains today of Launch Complex 14 where all the Mercury-Atlas orbital flight took off from at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
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