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6 March – Though not readily apparent in this afternoon’s image, it appears this Great Horned Owl chick from the FMEL nest has suffered a serious eye injury.  This is a very sad discovery that casts serious doubt on the bird’s future. 7 March – It is hard to judge the health of the young Great Horned Owl at FMEL.  The little guy seemed alert and okay early this morning as seen in this image though his eye does not appear any better.
8 March - Despite the injury the young Great Horned Owl at FMEL appeared strong and alert on Friday during an early morning and an afternoon visit. Additionally, the owlet does not appear to have any problems moving from tree to tree since he has changed his location frequently over the past two days, being in a different spot on each visit. 9 March – A view of one of the FMEL Great Horned Owl parents.  This one perches over the driveway during the day and is used to seeing people stopping to gawk.
9 March – A view of another of the FMEL Great Horned Owl parents. 9 March – Almost missed another Space Shuttle anniversary!  On March 9, 2011 around noontime the Space Shuttle Discovery landed for the last time ending mission STS-133 before going on to retirement as an exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia.  Jens Tripson and I were fortunate to view the landing at KSC from Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge with Discovery flying a big circle over our heads before almost passing right over us on the way to the runway.  See the images from that day here.
10 March – A hawk flying around the area saw the young Great Horned Owl lying down motionless against a branch trying to not get noticed.  The Owl’s parents were nearby but seemed unconcerned as they eyed the hawk flying around, taking no action against it. 11 March – Traveled today to Labelle, Florida with Bob Killick to present the Birds of the IRL program to Hendry-Glades Audubon.  Along the way stopped at the Indian Mounds in Ortona, which are over three thousand years old.  Very impressive.  Plus had a delicious meal at Forrey Grill in Labelle.  A great time all around.
12 March – Florida Scrub-Jay – with Joe Carroll and Roz James at the Indian River Club. 13 March – Florida Scrub-Jay at the Wabasso Scrub Conservation Area.
14 March – A Florida Scrub-Jay braces against the cold wind at the Indrio Savannahs Natural Area. 15 March – Florida Scrub-Jay at Pelican Island Audubon’s Martha Wininger Reflection Park – the land bought by the Pelican Island Elementary School’s Eco Troop to protect the Scrub-Jays near the school and their scrub habitat.
16 March – Saturday afternoon I presented the Osprey program to the nice folks of West Pasco Audubon at their wonderful meeting place in the education center at the J.P. Starkey Wilderness Park.  Pictured is the boardwalk behind the education center that cuts through mixed woodlands before finally ending in a little cypress swamp. 17 March – My stealthy attempt to photograph the Painted and Indigo Buntings in my mother’s backyard was foiled when Sam came out to enjoy the warm rays of the sun that briefly broke through this afternoon.
18 March – I am currently taking part in the inaugural United Launch Alliance social media event being held for a launch --- the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS GEO-2) launching from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station scheduled for 19 March 2013.  One of the many exciting things we did today was go out and watch the Atlas V rocket being hauled out to the pad.  Lots of pictures, including the launch, coming soon! 18 March – The Atlas V rocket towers over me this afternoon at SLC 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as it undergoes preparations for tomorrow’s launch to place SBIRS GEO-2 into orbit.  A satellite designed to “…provide global, persistent, infrared surveillance capabilities for missile warning and defense, battlespace awareness and technical intelligence.”  Quoted from the ULA mission overview.  Photo by Aimee Gravelle.
19 March – An Atlas V rocket lifts the missile early warning satellite SBIRS GEO-2 into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station this afternoon at 5:21pm.  Our close-up view of the lift-off was a grand ending to the two-day United Launch Alliance social media event for the launch.  Lots of photos of the event and the launch coming soon! 21 March – “Control of the Battlefield Begins HERE!”. View my pictures of the United Launch Alliance social media event for the launch of SBIRS GEO-2 aboard an Atlas V rocket.
22 March – The resident Raccoon at FMEL made an appearance around noontime today.  Amusingly, the Raccoon completely flattened a big pile of leaves collected by the landscape guy while going after the treasure trove of acorns contained within. 23 March – A Common Ground Dove atop its well-hidden nest in a clump of grass ---with Jane Schnee on her conservation land.
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