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26 November - I have always been fond of this slide in a vaguely abstract sort of way. In actuality, it is a very sturdy child’s chair, one of the few that populated the living room at Shady Lane Court that somebody has thrown into the deep end of the pool. Slide Archive/California Epoch. 27 November - To check out the scene I attended a rockabilly show in San Francisco at Bimbo’s 365 Club with John where Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, pictured at a short gig in Tower Records the afternoon of the show, and Wanda Jackson, who autographed my ticket, performed along with Rosie Flores. Slide archive & artifact/California Epoch
27 November - Casey and I never missed Vic Chesnutt when he performed in San Francisco, usually at the Noe Valley Ministry. Here he is pictured after a short performance in Tower Records the afternoon before one of his shows. It is still sad to think that he is no longer with us. Slide archive/California Epoch. 29 November - Yesterday’s visit to hear astronaut Jim Reilly speak at KSC had the unexpected benefit of seeing from the road how construction is going on the new Atlantis exhibit. View more photos here.
30 November - Please do not sit on the atomic weapons! John finds a comfortable spot on the tail fin of a Mk17 hydrogen bomb casing designed to be dropped from planes like the B-52 bomber in the background. From a visit to the, as it was called then, National Atomic Museum located inside Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shortly after our visit the museum changed its name and was moved off base due to security concerns. Hmmm. . . . (slide archive/California Epoch) 2 December - Blue Jay in the backyard on Saturday morning---front and back.
2 December - A storm moving off the Atlantic this Sunday afternoon produced a rainbow close to the horizon in what was a unique sight to those who ventured up to the third floor deck at the ORCA volunteer holiday party at Janice and Bob’s house. 4 December - Erica. (slide archive/California Epoch)
7 December - With John contemplating another tattoo for his birthday, we can go way back to the beginning to see when he got what I believe is his second tattoo, which is more fiery and energetic than the first (slide archive/California Epoch). 8 December - The camera does a good job of catching the oftentimes-fleeting look of uncertainty that crosses a stage diver’s face at the point of no return in flight. Stage diver at a Descendents – Circle Jerks double bill in South Florida (slide archive/Florida Punk).
9 December - Came home to find this good-sized Black Racer enjoying the warm rays of the Sun from atop the firecracker bush in the front yard. 10 December - More aerial antics from the Descendents / Circle Jerks double bill in South Florida (slide archive/Florida Punk).
10 December - A violent late afternoon storm with tornado warnings passed through Vero Beach leading to this amazingly purple colored sky at sunset in this image of the rear of the storm as it moves off over the Atlantic. Image taken from the back of the Vero Beach Community Center before the start of the Pelican Island Audubon holiday party. 11 December - The Air Force launched its secret mini-space shuttle for the third time and I had a front row seat from the old Space Shuttle VIP launch viewing area at KSC. I can only imagine what watching a Space Shuttle launch must have been like from there being so close to the pads. See more images of the launch here.
12 December - Attended a lecture yesterday by Skylab & Space Shuttle astronaut Jack Lousma. In the early 1970s he lived aboard Skylab for two months and then later on became a Space Shuttle commander in the early days of that program. Amusingly, he introduced himself as the “ancient astronaut” then commented that the two younger photos of himself side-by-side onscreen decked out in Skylab and Shuttle gear were actually of his two boys. 13 December - After Tuesday’s rocket launch I stopped by the office just after sunset and found this Great Horned Owl perched atop the dead tree right before one gets to the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory on Oslo Road. What they say about cars making for great blinds is true. I stopped right under the Owl who watched me for a moment then went right to ignoring me while looking at other things.
15 December - At night frogs congregate in the dark in and around my two birdbaths and up in the hanging plants nearby. They don’t seem to mind the camera flash, but they will scatter pretty quickly if I turn the back porch light on so I keep that to a minimum. 15 December - Night scene outside the Cameo in Miami Beach (slide archive/Florida Punk).
15 December - One could always be sure of finding some enlightenment at the Buddha, a bar in the San Francisco Chinatown/North Beach area here seen with a last burst of color in the sky after sunset (slide archive/California Epoch). 17 December - Here is another image from the nighttime frog photo shoot in the backyard.
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