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24 October - A Green Sea Turtle surfaces for a breath of air in the Atlantic Ocean off of Port Canaveral. 25 October - With Sandy approaching it puts me to mind of an image from Hurricane Frances, September 2004; I looked out my backdoor window to find these Blue Jays had come up on the back porch where they sheltered for hours from the wind and rain till the storm passed. Being able to sit on their favorite meal of sunflower seeds was another benefit.
25 October - Here is another Hurricane Frances image from September 2004, this time of the aftermath. A church near my house lost its steeple in the storm, which fell over and pierced through the roof. 26 October - Sam and I spent the afternoon watching Lost In Space while Hurricane Sandy raged outside.
28 October - The harbinger of an approaching cold front is seen in the sky as a halo forms around the Moon caused by ice crystals high in the atmosphere. This is a three-second time exposure taken in the backyard around 11:30pm. 29 October - A small flock of House Sparrows were trying to warm themselves in the early morning Sun along the curb and landscaping at Staples in this photograph taken while on an errand for the office.
30 October - An Osprey enjoys an afternoon snack. 31 October - “The Cow Herd”, my bovine-inspired homage to Pop Art in mixed media, mainly charcoal & watercolors.
1 November - A Sandhill Crane chick stands beside one of its parents foraging in a cow pasture. 4 November - Friday was a very memorable day watching Atlantis on its final journey. See more images of the Atlantis rollover here.
9 November - A fun discovery occurred when NASA released high-resolution images of the Atlantis rollover taken from a helicopter that shows me photographing the event. See larger images that zoom in on the details here. 11 November - On Saturday I photographed the new home for Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center in a rare opportunity to go inside the building while still under construction. See the images here.
18 November - Before there was digital there was 35-mm slide film, generally my film of choice that has resulted in my having zillions of old slides in a large archive going way back in time. Having acquired an old 35-mm slide duplicator meant for use with film cameras I spent some time recently rigging it up for use with a digital camera. The results are not spectacular, at least when compared with what a real digital slide duplicator would do, but they are good enough---especially when compared with the price---to rejuvenate some life into the old slide collection. First up, in the spirit of the winter season, a mountainous snow-filled landscape from my California epoch. For those in the know, that is Scott standing on a rock near his parents’ cabin in the Sierra Mountains east of San Francisco. 19 November - From my extensive Florida Punk Collection: a slide of a guy with a double-Mohawk (!) stage diving at a show in the St. Pete Armory. Extra credit if you can guess the band who are still remembered by some of the kids today.
19 November - This guy is really airborne stage diving at Slamfest with DRI at the Cameo in Miami. ---35mm slide from the Florida Punk Collection. 20 November - From the Travel Section of the slide archives, a collage of images from a wild road trip one spring break careening all over the East from Florida to the Mississippi River to New York City. The trip included a late night stopover in Tupelo, Mississippi to visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley where the public can visit the home he was born in. The midnight silence lent a special air of awe and reverence to this shrine to the King. A day later we were standing next to his grave at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.
21 November - Following up yesterday’s post, going from Elvis’ birthplace to the place of his death in a collage of images sampled from the Travel Section of the slide archive. Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee is where Elvis lived and died. By today’s standards the home is actually quite small, at least the ground floor that the public could tour when we were there. Elvis is buried in the back with his parents. Note the circled emblem on the marker enlarged in the arrow view. This was Elvis personal motto/logo along with the name of his band, “Taking Care of Business” 22 November - Sam enjoyed sleeping on his new dog bed this Thanksgiving, one of the many things he is thankful for this day.
23 November - Mark lends a sense of scale to the ancient trees found in the Redwood forests along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California. From the slide archive/California Epoch. 25 November - Mayhem ensues at an MDC show in South Florida. From the slide collection/Florida Punk.
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