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5 May – Today is the 52nd anniversary of Alan Shepherd’s 15-minute suborbital flight in the Freedom-7 spacecraft launched atop a Redstone rocket that traveled 116 miles into space and 303 statute miles down range from Cape Canaveral on 5 May 1961 as part of the Mercury Program to put Americans in orbit.  Pictured is the flight suit worn by Gordon Cooper on his later Mercury flight on display at the KSC Visitors Complex. 6 May – A chance encounter with a frog turned into an exciting addition to breakfast for one Florida Scrub-Jay family - though not so exciting for the frog.
7 May – A juvenile Scrub-Jay finds an acorn. 8 May – The juvenile Scrub-Jays, known as Brown Heads, are beginning to become independent of their parents, though not by much.  Here a Brown Head finds a small insect to eat.  A little snack before one of the parents brings a real meal.
9 May – The behavior of the juvenile Scrub-Jays oftentimes mimics the adults but without the experience concerning what is important and what is not.  Here a juvenile holds a leaf that it then tries to bury in the same way an adult will cache acorns for future meals. 10 May – Construction of the replica Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters are almost complete and the framework is going up between them that will hold the replica External Fuel Tank outside the Atlantis exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.
11 May – Fog this morning on the trail at sunrise. 12 May – Sunday morning Scrub-Jay portrait.
12 May – Sam and I sat out the rain watching Abbott & Costello Go To Mars. 13 May – Early morning Scrub-Jay at St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park – with Jane Schnee and Judy Elsroad.
14 May – Scrub-Jays are quick to defend their territory by driving out intruders, including other Scrub-Jays. 16 May – Vultures drift into camera view during Wednesday’s Atlas V rocket launch carrying a GPS satellite into orbit.  View more images of the launch.
17 May – Painted Bunting in my mother’s backyard. 18 May – Snapshot of Sam on the trail during this morning’s hike at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.
19 May – An oak tree catches the early morning light at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. 19 May – Another view of Wednesday’s Atlas rocket launch as seen from the Saturn V Center.  View more photos of the launch.
20 May – Scrub-Jays love to eat insects and acorns, like the one show here from this morning before the rains came – with Joe Carroll and Roz James at the Indian River Club. 21 May – Another sort of Jay, the Blue Jay common to most backyard bird feeders in Florida – from my mother’s backyard.
22 May – Looking a little damp, but getting through the rains okay – early morning visit with a Florida Scrub-Jay and Roz James at the Indian River Club. 23 May – A Common Gallinule, formerly known as the “Common Moorhen”.
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