Welcome to OspreyWatch! Inspired by one of my favorite books, David Gessner's Return of the Osprey: A Season of Flight and Wonder in which he follows the fortunes of four pairs of Ospreys throughout a nesting season in Cape Cod, I have decided to do the same thing but through photography by following the success or failure of a pair of Ospreys at the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge---created in 1903 by order of President Theodore Roosevelt, it was the first wildlife refuge established in the United States! (Learn more about Pelican Island NWR)

Introducing the Osprey couple. The male is at left and can be identified by his white breast. The female is at right and can be identified by the brown mottling on her breast. These are sub-tropical Ospreys, or "resident" birds, which generally live year round in Florida and nest in the winter and early spring unlike their northern migratory cousins which winter in South and Central America then return, like the fictional snowbird, to northern temperate climes to nest during the late spring and summer. Several days of observation following the discovery of the nest in the Refuge during the second week of February, 2006, has seen them mating several times interspersed with building up the nest with new material. So far it looks like they are right on schedule.

Click on the link below for the observations and images listed by date.

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