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23 January – It is with great satisfaction and relief that I can now say that the Indian River Lagoon presentation is now done---save for some minor details that I may or may not correct, at least right now, since nobody but me would probably notice---and it is ready to be shown publicly.  Learn more here. 24 January – An extraordinarily large American Alligator enjoys the late afternoon Sun at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
25 January – Portrait of a Wood Stork.  This is one of two Wood Storks at the canal near my mother’s house at sunrise this morning.  I stopped briefly on the way to the office and shot this image. 26 January – At the Environmental Learning Center: This image shows the people assembled for the ORCA volunteer conservation core class during the opening remarks at the start of the three talks this afternoon: the first was my talk, Birds of the IRL, followed by Seagrasses of the IRL by ELC Education Director Heather Stapleton and ending with Native Plants and Habitats of the IRL by IRMCD Commissioner and native plant expert Janice Broda.
27 January – Black Vulture in late afternoon light. 28 January – A Snowy Egret chases after a meal.
29 January – I love this image because for some reason it looks fake but in actuality this is a real group of Great Egrets photographed just as they appeared at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  From the IRL program. 30 January – I had an idea for an interesting new angle of Wednesday night’s rocket launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station but misread the Moonrise time.  So I ended up with a nice image but not the one I originally planned for.  See the complete image and more info on the Atlas V rocket launching NASA’s TDRS-K satellite into orbit.
31 January – Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the Columbia accident.  Back then I was still working out the intricacies of long range photography---using film, no less---and shot this image of Columbia’s final launch at 10:39AM on 16 January 2003 from Titusville.  It is still hard to believe Columbia and her crew of seven would not survive this flight. 1 February – Looking a bit like an homage to the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, I attended the 10th anniversary remembrance of the Columbia accident held at the Space Mirror Memorial at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. I lack the words to convey the emotional impact of the ceremony on the speakers and the audience.  See the pictures---including one panorama.
3 February – Okay, now that the President has admitted to shooting off a gun, I can admit to having gone duck hunting---actually, just to take photos.  It was a beautifully misty morning in the wetlands of Tampa Bay and I stayed in one of the two boats while the hunters went off after their prey.  That’s about all I’m going to say about it other than ducks were killed.  From the Florida slide archive. 4 February – Observed a large number of American Robins in the hammock around the Audubon office today at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area.  The air was filled with their myriad calls as they energetically foraged through the area.  Quite a sight.  I was able to get a photo of one when it stopped briefly on the corner of the Roundhouse.
5 February – Little Blue Heron in a stormwater pond near where I was waiting while my car was getting an oil change this afternoon. 6 February – The rustling outside the office at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area this morning turned out to be a Raccoon chowing down on all the acorns that have fallen out of the oak trees.
7 February – I’ll always know this bird as the Common Moorhen since the American Ornithologists’ Union recently changed the bird’s name to the more accurate Common Gallinule. Photo taken late this afternoon at a stormwater pond. 8 February – A Zebra Longwing butterfly takes advantage of the warm weather to go after the wild flowers along an ORCA trail.
9 February – While waiting to present the Osprey program to the ORCA conservation volunteer class this afternoon I came upon this female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker hitching up an oak tree.  I was able to take this one shot before the bird disappeared around the other side of the trunk and I had to head off for the program. 10 February – Here is another view of the Raccoon at ORCA who likes to dig up grubs and feast on acorns around the office.
11 February – Detail of a spider’s web located in the overhanging mangrove canopy jutting out into the water at the FMEL Boathouse dock. 12 February – Okay, it’s not the Sierras, but for someone who is used to thinking of Florida as flat than this view from atop the Florida Ridge near Babson Park just outside of Lake Wales is quite stunning.  This photo shot late this afternoon looking east from Murray Road while heading to the nearby Audubon Center for an evening presentation of the Lagoon program.
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