Mike Mullane & the Atlantis Exhibit
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
5 July & 27 July 2013
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Retired astronaut Mike Mullane talks about the lighter side of his three Shuttle flights - STS-41D (Discovery), STS-27 (Atlantis), and STS-36 (Atlantis).
The crew of Mullane's first Shuttle flight during the traditional launch day breakfast prior to the start of Discovery's first flight into space on 30 August 1984 (STS-41D).
Mullane describes the glamorous side of space flight by showing a photo of himself modeling a diaper, or in NASA-speak a Urine Collection Device (UCD), ". . . .worn by astronauts on the three occasions when they cannot use the shuttle toilet: launch, spacewalks, and reentry/landing."
Views of the replica External Fuel Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters outside the Atlantis exhibit.
Visitors watch the first of two short programs before entering the Atlantis exhibit.
The visitors have moved into the second theater for the second show prior to entering the Atlantis exhibit.
At the end of the second show the movie screen rolls up to reveal Atlantis. It is very dramatic and well done from a theatrical standpoint.
Note the closed front landing gear doors in Atlantis' nose.
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