Atlantis Exhibit Grand Opening
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
29 June 2013
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Kudos to Delaware North and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for creating one of the most impressive space related exhibits to be found anywhere in the world making for a truly fitting home for Atlantis in her retirement.

The Media Registration table at the entrance to the Visitor Complex.
My media badge for the event.

ABOVE: Besides being given the press releases for the day, members of the media also received a couple of souvenirs including a small piece of Payload Bay Liner that flew on Atlantis during the last servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (STS-125).

LEFT: The Titusville High School Band performed in the Rocket Garden.

BELOW LEFT: Forty astronauts were on hand for the event, including Bob Crippen, the pilot of the very first Space Shuttle flight, Columbia, in April 1981.

BELOW RIGHT: Former astronaut and current NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden.

John Zarrella from CNN, standing at the podium onstage, was the master of ceremonies for the grand opening.

LEFT: A display featuring the Space Shuttle's successor, the Orion Capsule, designed to take astronauts back to the Moon and maybe to Mars someday as well as other destinations.

BELOW: The Orion Ground Test Article (GTA) minus its outer covering reveals the pressure shell inside where the astronauts will live and work during their missions.

A full-scale 184-foot-tall replica of a Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters stands over the entrance to the Atlantis exhibit hall.
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