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Observations & Images
9 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 28

A big pile of sticks indicates a lot of nest building has been going on since the last visit. The female was ever watchful for the male and called out to all the passing Ospreys but none of them turned out to be her mate.
The female flies off leaving the nest unattended.
She soon returns carrying a small stick to add to the growing pile.
Over two hours pass with the female doing little but occasionally walking around the edge of the nest. The nestlings could not be seen during this time. Things changed with the arrival of the male carrying a fish.
The female called out to him in greeting as he landed.
The arrival of the male brought the nestlings into visibility as they climbed up from the bottom of the nest to be fed.
Having delivered his fish the male did not stick around long but left the nest duties to the female.
At least two nestlings cluster around to be fed.
Careful observations recently seem to indicate that there may be only two nestlings in the nest now. Something may have happened to the third but given how hard it is to see into the nest it could still be too soon to make a definite decision on whether the family has gotten smaller or not.


An Ibis wings by.
The male Pileated Woodpecker and I are becoming old friends. He comes closer everyday probably curious to find out if my head is as wooden as it looks.
It was a surprise to find a Green Heron was in the water almost at my feet.
The Green Heron did not seem too bothered to have me so close.
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