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Observations & Images
9 March 2008
Sanford, FL

In the historic section of downtown Sanford, just a block or two from Lake Monroe, a pair of Ospreys are nesting atop a light pole in a small strip mall parking lot. In the above image the nest can be seen atop the right pole. At left is a close-up of the nest.
Another view of the nest from a different angle. Someone mentioned a concern about the heat generated by the lights and whether the heat would have a detrimental affect on the incubation of the eggs. The female Osprey is in the nest but she cannot be seen from the ground.
The male Osprey perched on the nearby light pole.
A close-up of the male. Below can be seen the female as she returns to the nest after a short exercise flight around the parking lot.
The male lands back on the light pole in this view looking almost straight up. He had flown off on a short mission to chase Crows out of the area.
A close-up of the male as he eyes the photographer. It would be interesting to know how successful this pair are in their nesting attempt in the parking lot.
Above is a view of Lake Monroe and the historic pilings from the docks used by steamboats as they traveled up and down the St. Johns River. The pilings are a great attraction to perching Ospreys like this one at right flying in.
An Osprey atop a piling.
Distant views of an immature Bald Eagle harassing an Osprey in an attempt to cause the Osprey to drop its fish. An adult Bald Eagle joined the fray but the Osprey was able to out maneuver both Eagles and escape with the fish.
An Osprey passes over the steamboat pilings. Below an Osprey lands atop a piling that has what appears to have been, or will be, a nest atop it.
An Osprey soars around the pilings.
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