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Observations & Images
9 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 73

A beautifully sunny and virtually cloudless day dawns over the wet Refuge to end almost a week of stormy weather. Here the little fledgling, upper left, and the female Osprey enjoy the warmth of the sun. The female fledgling was perched nearby.
The female Osprey departs heading off over the Indian River Lagoon followed closely by the female fledgling. The little fledgling stays near the nest.
The chance find of an Osprey feather on the ground.
The male Osprey, still wet from plunging into the water after a fish, departs after delivering his catch to the nest.
The little fledgling wastes no time in claiming the fish.
The male soon returns to drop off another fish. Here he departs the nest while the little fledgling can be seen dragging in this new fish to hoard with the other.
The female fledgling returns to soar around the nest. Rather than wasting time begging ineffectually in the nest for the little fledgling to share its fish, the female fledgling moves from perch to perch around the area.
The male departs after delivering a third fish. This time the female fledgling swoops in and claims this new fish as her own.
Surprise! The male lands with a fourth fish.
The male, at left, with the female fledgling and the little fledgling.
Interestingly, the male departs with the leftovers of a previous fish delivery. He does not have it for long, though, for he soon returns it to the nest before flying off.
The female fledgling and the little fledgling both look a bit stuffed after their bountiful meal.


Four Red-bellied Woodpeckers stop over in the dead tree near the Osprey nest. They all left together heading in the same direction.
A Magnificent Frigatebird soaring high over the Refuge.
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