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Observations & Images
9 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

The north nest Ospreys lazed around the area today. One of the birds was observed from a distance on the nest. They were not observed engaging in any mating activity though time with them was limited in favor of watching the south nest Ospreys.
The male Osprey heads out over the Indian River Lagoon.

South Nest

The nesting routine is still strong at the south nest. The south nest male Osprey prepares to land near the nest with a fish which he ate in its entirety without sharing with the female nor the nestling.
The south nest female did not seem too concerned the male was not sharing his fish. She did get bored sitting on the nest, though, and flew off in a circle around the area.
The female Osprey is seen here grasping at branches in an attempt to break one off as she winged by. She was not able to break off a branch and so returned to the nest.
After finishing his seafood dinner, the male Osprey flew in with a piece of wood for the nest.
The male heads out after spending a few minutes in the nest.
The female stands quietly at the edge of the nest. Their nestling is secretive and was only observed very briefly once as it stretched then it disappeared out of sight. The nest cup must be deep to hide it so well.


A Red-bellied Woodpecker is frequently observed outside this hole in a dead palm tree trunk.
Two Black Vultures were seen on the walk to the south nest.
Both Black Vultures flew off together.
A female Northern Cardinal near the south Osprey nest.
A juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron flew to a perch near the north Osprey nest as evening approached.
A Dragonfly shows off the intricate pattern in its wings.
A Black-Crowned Night Heron came out of the pines under the north Osprey nest and flew off over the Indian River Lagoon in the fading light of day.
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