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Observations & Images
8 October 2006
Pre-Nesting Wildlife Encounters

Osprey calls could be heard at dawn coming from the Indian River Lagoon but the only Osprey seen was at a distance. A great number of other birds were out and about this morning. Here a Pileated Woodpecker tenses before flying off.
A Belted Kingfisher watches the Sun rise.
A Great Blue Heron passes overhead.
One of two Red-Shouldered Hawks seen today. Here the bird takes on an itch with one of its talons.
The rising Sun catches the Red-Shouldered Hawk. The bird spent time grooming itself interspersed with watching the surroundings.
Over an hour went by before the Hawk decided to fly off.
An Eastern Phoebe in the shadows.
A very large spider busy with something caught in the web.
A group of Gray Catbirds passed by. Little did they know the Brazilian Pepper they landed in also contained a Southern Black Racer. The snake can be seen as the thick black line behind the bird.
Here the Gray Catbird catches sight of the Racer. The Catbird gave out an alarm call and all the Catbirds flew off. The Racer's head can just be seen at about center left partially hidden amongst the leaves. The rest of the body was coiled around a limb out-of-sight at right.
A Red-Bellied Woodpecker works at a piece of deadwood.
The second Southern Black Racer of the day is seen crossing the Centennial Trail.
The second Red-Shouldered Hawk of the day was very vocal about making its presence known.
A Belted Kingfisher shows off its belts as its passes overhead. The second reddish band indicates this is a female.
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