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Observations & Images
8 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 41

One of the nestlings lets loose a broadside over the side of the nest.
Another nestling stretches out its wings.
The male Osprey brings in a fish much to the excitement of the female and an onlooking nestling.
The nestlings line up for a chance to eat once the female has the fish.
The male brings another fish to the nest.
Afterwards he preened on a nearby snag. The wind was still strong today but not nearly as strong as yesterday.
More nestling action after the meal has been finished.
The female departs the nest while two nestlings look on.
She looped around sweeping almost right overhead as she lined up on a dead tree to break off a branch for the nest.
The male brings yet another fish to the nest which the female dutifully doles out.
A nestling beats its wings while facing into the wind.
More and more the nestlings are standing at the edge of the nest in eager anticipation of flight. Here and below may be seen the female with her beak stuffed with fish along with the three nestlings.
As their rapid growth progresses it will only be a matter of weeks before this action will, indeed, send them aloft.


A life or death struggle occurred around the Osprey nest today between a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers and an unidentified Hawk. A cascade of frantic Woodpecker calls was soon followed by the two birds shooting out of the pines with the Hawk close on their tails.
The Woodpeckers and the Hawk flew crazily in and out of the pines in a flight so rapid it was impossible to follow with the camera since they were so close. Suddenly the Woodpeckers split up and each came to a sudden stop against branches in the dead trees. This maneuver either caused the Hawk to lose them or it simply lost interest for it shot past and flew off not to be seen again. Above can be seen the female clutching a branch. At left can be seen the male.
The two birds stayed almost motionless for about twenty minutes most likely in fear that if they moved it might attract the Hawk back to them. After a suitable time both birds flew off but each kept turning its head to look behind to make sure nothing was following them.
The two Pileated Woodpeckers flew safely away.
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