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Observations & Images
8 July 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 102

There is little Osprey activity around the rapidly subsiding nest these days save for the occasional presence of one of the fledglings still clinging to the old home. Today the little fledgling spent some time around the nest area but this did not last long. The young Osprey flew around the area a few times before flying off over the Indian River Lagoon.
After an absence of several hours the little fledgling returned to perch atop the dead tree trunk near the nest.
With the absence of the Ospreys, the nest has become of great interest to other birds like this Red-bellied Woodpecker who spent some time foraging through the branches.


The marsh area around last year's Osprey nest is full of life. Here one of several Black-Crowned Night-Herons visible perches in the pines over the water.
A Magnificent Frigatebird languidly flaps its way toward the Atlantic Ocean.
Other birds in the marsh included Great Blue Herons, Tricolored Herons, and Great Egrets like this one coming in for a landing.
A banking turn into final approach.
The Great Egret landed out of sight beyond the intervening vegetation.
A Northern Cardinal with a very pronounced crest.
A Green Heron greets the sun.
A Land Crab partially out of its hole vanished quickly underground moments after this picture was taken.
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