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Observations & Images
8 January 2007
Nest Building

No Ospreys are seen at all during a sunset visit to the Refuge. In fact, few birds of any kind are seen which is in noticeable contrast to the past few visits when a plentiful number of birds were seen. The lateness of the day has probably seen most birds to their night roosts. There is little change at the old nest site where a male Osprey was seen trying to build a new nest on 7 January.
The distant nest that fledged a young Osprey last season was also vacant.


An Otter paid a surprise visit in the rapidly fading light. Here the Otter climbs out of the water and up the embankment.
The Otter scratched at an itch with the motion of the back leg being concealed by the grass.
This seemed to be the purpose for coming up onto land for after a long scratch the Otter returned to the water and hunted around the area for a short time.
Magnificent Frigatebirds passed over high enough to catch the last rays of the Sun.
Two of three Frigatebirds that were soaring lazily around.
There was barely enough light to capture this lone Wood Stork in flight.
Another pleasant surprise was finding a pair of Great Horned Owls around the old Owl nest. Here one of the Owls can be seen in the nest.
With barely enough light to get a picture, the second Great Horned Owl could be seen perched atop a nearby tree trunk. Note its massive feet equipped with sizable talons which this bird of prey puts to good use to maintain its fearsome reputation.
The Owl in the nest flew off....
....and landed in a distant tree. The two Owls then began calling out to each other as night descended making it impossible to see either bird.
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