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Observations & Images
8 April 2006
35th day of incubating

The male Osprey never appeared during today's visit though the female Osprey and I waited for over four hours for him to appear.
The female Osprey and I continually scanned the skies for her mate.
My fear is that something may have happened to him. On the other hand, his relationship with the female goes in cycles from giving her constant attention one day to virtually ignoring her the next day. Given his almost constant presence around the nest recently, he may be having a down day in regards to the female. Still, it was hard to watch her seeming constant expectation that her mate would show up.
After the Sun went down, she left the nest and flew a loop around the area. She settled briefly on a nearby perch.
In a minute or two, she resettled herself on another perch over the nest. She called loudly into the oncoming dark but never got an answer.
She flew straight up over the nest and hovered. Her head turning in all directions as she, perhaps, hoped to catch sight of her absent mate. Returning to the nest she settled herself down for the night.


Today was a day of passages as the Osprey neighbors all passed through the area without stopping. The Otter swam through but did not stay. A Wood Stork, seen here, passed through on a mission of its own.
The Wood Stork headed out over the Indian River Lagoon.
A flock of Egrets heading north in the last rays of the Sun.
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