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Observations & Images
7 March 2006
3rd day of incubating

Day three of incubating the eggs was not very hospitable for the Ospreys. A gusty, cold wind found the female Osprey hunkered down in the nest as the pine tree swayed back and forth in long uncomfortable looking sweeps.
After a considerable absence, the male Osprey appeared with empty talons to land in the nest.
The male Osprey was barely in the nest before the female Osprey lifted off.
She executed a long, slow loop around the nest site.
She appeared reluctant to return to the nest.
At first, the male appeared like he was going to sit on the eggs, but he never settled down and as soon as the female landed, at right, the male lifted off.
He flew into the cold wind and settled on a nearby perch for the rest of the day.
The strong wind can be seen here ruffling up the neck feathers on the female Osprey as she resumes her duty in the nest.


Probably due to the hard, cold wind blowing, only a few birds were seen. One was this juvenile Ibis who had a difficult time handling the wind. This is probably the same bird that has been seen around the area for the past few days.
Another bird which had a problem was this Great Egret which meandered seemingly almost uncontrollably against the wind.
The Great Egret made a rough landing near me.
A trespassing female Osprey, shown here, appeared over the nest causing the nesting female to raise quite a vocal ruckus aimed at the stranger. The male Osprey perched nearby observed the newcomer but did not respond to its presence. After looping over the nest, the female stranger headed back toward the Lagoon and disappeared from sight.
The Moon was almost directly over the Osprey nest when the Sun set.
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