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Observations & Images
7 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 71

Another depressingly dark day not very suitable for photography but this does not stop the Ospreys from getting on with their lives. The little fledgling is atop a limb over the nest when I arrive. Below are a selection of images chronicling some of its flights around the area.
The male soon arrives with a fish.
The little fledgling is providentially in the nest when the meal arrives.
The little fledgling, at right, is quick to grab the fish away from the male who departs the nest moments later.
The female fledgling, at right, arrives. Her cries of hunger were ignored by the little fledgling.
The little fledgling perched atop the dead tree near the nest after its meal. Rain soon put an end to picture taking. The female fledgling's favorite perch is just beyond this one which puts her farther from the nest. It is truly a race now when the male brings fish to see who can make it to the nest first. Most times this day it was the little fledgling who won the prize.
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