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Observations & Images
7 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 10

The Moon a few days past full passes the Osprey nest.
The male is continuing his big fish streak. Here he watches the final death shudders of his latest catch.
The female calls sending him into the air.
He brings the fish into the nest where the female feeds herself and the nestlings.
The routine is the same as it has been the past few days. The fish makes the rounds between the nest and various perches around the area as the male sees fit to snack on it.
The female feeds herself and the nestlings. The nestlings still have not been seen yet and it might be some time before they do make an appearance given the high walls which obscure most activity in the nest.
The past few days have also seen a new behavior between the adults. Here the male brings the fish back to the nest.
The female follows him in from a short exercise flight.
Rather than taking the fish from him the female takes on a very submissive role and allows herself to be fed by the male.
Later, the male, ever alert, gives warning from atop the snag to passing Vultures.
The male gave chase to a couple of Vultures to castigate them for coming too close to the nest.
The drowsy but windy day was good for soaring which occasionally brought other Osprey by the nest. Here the resident male, making disapproving remarks, watches a curious Osprey soar past.


Identify this hawk!
A common sight is this hawk which frequents the trees near the nest. The Ospreys tolerate it with little fuss though they might not feel too threatened given the hawk's rather timid sounding voice which sounds like a hoarse dog yelping quietly.

The hawk on the wing.

(Hint: A magician who aided and supported King Arthur.)

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