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Observations & Images
7 April 2006
34th day of incubating

Like yesterday, the drama of the day is being played out as I arrive at the nest site with my equipment all packed away. The female Osprey was off the nest and chasing a Vulture. In this hasty shot taken without the usual equipment the female Osprey can be seen with talons extended herding the Vulture out of the area.
The female returned to the nest and the male Osprey flew off.
He soon returned carrying a stick for the nest.
With the female Osprey patiently sitting in the nest, the male Osprey moved the stick around.
His constant upkeep of the nest has transformed it into a very large assemblage that grows bigger everyday.
Here he finds the place for the stick in his construction plans.
Flying off again, the male Osprey soon returns with a clump of grass which he deposits in the nest.
The female Osprey, seen here, leaves the care of the nest to the male while she flies into the pines to relax a bit in the shade.


This is the Turkey Vulture that the female was chasing. The Vulture's escape route took it low overhead as it swooped by. The female Osprey did not follow but, instead, returned to the nest.
The Pileated Woodpecker couple are still working diligently on their nest cavity in the dead palm tree.
Ibis are becoming a common sight around the pines. An area they did not frequent too often during the colder weather.
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