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Observations & Images
6 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 70

The growth of the Osprey young is so fast that being absent even one day can have serious consequences in missing out on some important part of their development. Clearly, this is the case now when returning having missed a day to deliver an Osprey program it was to find things still, seemingly, as when the birds were last seen---especially with the little nestling who was standing nonchalantly in the nest giving no indication of what was to come on this darkly, overcast day.
With no prelude or fanfare the little nestling---no, the little fledgling!---simply jumped into the air to fly easily and competently around the area. Although I may have missed its first flight by missing a day the flying demonstrations it gave today were quite impressive. Following is a selection of images from several flights around the nest area.
The little fledgling seems to favor, besides the nest, the top of a nearby dead tree. Throughout the day it divided its time between the nest and this new perch.
The male Osprey is still delivering fish to the nest whether any one is there or not.
Here the little fledgling comes in for a landing seconds after the male.
The excitement of getting a meal makes for a clumsy landing as the little fledgling crashes into the male.
The little fledgling skids to a stop against the nest wall.
After sorting things out the little fledgling ends up with the fish. The female fledgling arrives in the nest too late, again, for a meal.

All the female fledgling can do is voice her disappointment at missing the fish while the little fledgling protects its prize. The little fledgling's preference for staying close to, or in, the nest means it is still getting most of the meals the male brings.

On a final note, there is still no sign of the aggressive fledgling.

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