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Observations & Images
6 April 2006
33rd day of incubating

There is a feeling of expectancy in the air that emanates out from the Ospreys. They seem to be biding their time until the moment the eggs start hatching. The male and female both spend much of their time in the nest now. The male is seen standing at left while the female is down in the nest.
The male Osprey is still a bit challenged when it comes to selecting appropriate material for the nest. When first seen approaching I thought he had picked up a spear somewhere but it was only this long branch.
Like a witch on a broom he picks his way carefully to clear the top of the pines into the nest.
Miraculously, he did not snag on to any of the obstacles during approach.
The female Osprey seems a bit taken aback by his choice.
The male moves the branch around with his bill. There was not much he could do but set it down at the edge of the nest.
He left again and returned with two talon-fulls of material.
The male and female switched positions. The female sat in the pines apparently napping for about an hour until she returned to the nest, pictured here. Once again, the male was reluctant to leave until the female persuaded him to.


The Otter family paid a brief visit today.
The appearance of a Red-Tailed Hawk over the nest was the drama for the day. The female Osprey was so irate that she flew off toward the Red-Tail which gained altitude and retreated from the area which was enough to calm the female who immediately returned to the nest.
The juvenile Little Blue Heron flew in again today and waded the water looking for prey.
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