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Observations & Images
5 November 2006
Pre-Nesting Wildlife Encounters

A male Pileated Woodpecker and a female, seen here, were working the trees around the Osprey nest at sunrise. The nest is beginning to sag a bit as it waits for the return of the Ospreys to put it back into shape.
The Woodpeckers fly off together.
North America's smallest falcon, the American Kestrel, was well represented at the Refuge today with four individuals being seen---two at one time. Here a Kestrel is perched just below the Osprey nest where it made quick flights to catch insects in the air then returning to the branch to eat them.
A different Kestrel, this one seen off of Pete's Impoundment Trail, leapt off its perch and within seconds caught an insect in midair which can be seen clutched in the Kestrel's talons.
The Kestrel returned to this perch where it ate the insect.
An Osprey, one of only two seen the whole morning, overflies the Kestrel hunting ground.
A Peregrine Falcon took offense to a group of Turkey Vultures soaring overhead by taking wing and chasing them out of the area. Here the Falcon can be seen close on the tail of a Turkey Vulture.
The Turkey Vulture was obviously distressed at being chased for it began a frantic, erratic flight to try and shake its pursuer. Here the Falcon can be seen dropping away as the Vulture climbs safely away from the altercation.
The Peregrine Falcon turns to go after the other Vultures.
The Falcon, seen at lower left, after making a close pass by two Vultures.
It did not take long before the continual harassment by the Falcon, seen at center, was enough to quickly drive the Vultures away.
Flush with victory, the Falcon swooped by me after the aerial squabble.
Several Cormorants were sighted in Bird's Impoundment.
A Great Blue Heron has to struggle a bit with the high winds that blew all morning.
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