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Observations & Images
5 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 38

The male strikes an unusual pose while preening.
Today was a day to feast as the male Osprey brought a parade of fish to the family. Here the female takes wing on a mission to collect a stick for the nest.
She returns from one of several flights to gather nest building material.
In what almost seemed a repeat of 3 May 2007, the female carried a long stick to the nest by holding it at one end.
But unlike 3 May, rather than stabbing the nest and losing the branch, the female made a fairly decent landing thus giving the stick a new home.
The male about to land with a headless fish. The results of the male Osprey's extraordinary fishing ability was on display today much to the enjoyment of all. The female and the nestlings were so satiated that many half-eaten fish were retrieved from the nest by the male as his appetite warranted.
The male got his wing tangled on his mate. The female appeared a little chagrined at this state of affairs the longer it took the male to free himself.
The male disappeared out over the Indian River Lagoon. Before long he reappeared high over the nest from where he made a spectacular dive clutching a fish in his talons.
He swooped down toward the ground then arced back up for a gentle landing in the nest ending an amazing display of his flying prowess.
Later another flight over the Lagoon results in another fish appearing on the menu.
The fish ended up at a difficult angle upon landing forcing the male to reposition it in his talons.
Almost a full portrait of the entire family. The male lifts off after delivering a fish to the nest while the female and two of the three nestlings look on. Amusingly, while also being a display of the maturation of the nestlings, when the male landed with a fish one of the nestlings took it from him then tried to pick at it on its own. The female eventually relieved the nestling of the fish then parceled it out to herself and the nestlings.
While the male has all the appearances of a devoted father he prefers more of a hands off approach to parenting and spends little time in the nest. Here he lands atop a branch overlooking the nest from where he can keep an eye out for the safety of his family.
One of the nestlings flexes its wings showing its growing size.
The nestling flapped its wings quite energetically.
The three nestlings line up along the side of the nest.
The male shows why it might not be a good idea to stand below him for too long.
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