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Observations & Images
5 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 24

The female was alone in the nest with the nestlings at dawn. The male was nearby in the pines. He was being very conversational but he could not be seen.
The male flew out of the pines heading toward the Lagoon.
He returned carrying material for the nest.
The male's arrival disturbed the nestlings who peeked out at the morning probably wondering why breakfast had not arrived yet as the female guarded them.
A strange male Osprey tried to make a landing in the nest but was scared off by the female who grew quite irate at the intrusion. She started to fly toward the interloper but backed off as the intruder flew away.
The female Osprey made several circuits of the area. She hovered briefly while crying out in such loud warning tones that it frightened many other birds away who all retreated in a mass exodus from the bushes and trees.
The female landed on a perch over the nest and stood guard till the male returned.


Changing shifts at the Pileated Woodpecker nest. The male flies off with the arrival of the female.
The female at the entrance to the cavity.
She enters the cavity and disappears inside.
A male Northern Cardinal comes in for a landing.
There are now at least two pairs of Cardinals around the Osprey nest these days.
A Great Blue Heron passes overhead.
A Great Crested Flycatcher is visibly active in the mornings around the nest but is not seen in the afternoons.
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