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Observations & Images
5 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 8

Another big fish occupies the Ospreys for the good part of a generally overcast day.
The male, at left, flew the fish into the nest but the female was not interested in it.
The male took the fish to his eating perch where he picked at it for awhile.
The male leaves the nest after depositing the fish which the female now took and began feeding herself and the nestlings.
After satisfying their hunger, the female abandoned the fish which brought the male back to the nest to retrieve it.
He worked at the fish for a time....
....then returned it to the nest. The fish went the rounds a couple of times before it finally was finished off.
The female took an exercise flight around the area returning with branches for the nest.
She tried various locations to fit the branch in before finally finding just the right spot.
Not to be outdone, the male brings another branch to the nest.


The Crows pay a visit to the male's eating perch where they scrounge for leftovers.
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