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Observations & Images
4 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 37

The female Osprey was a bit talkative today. Here she jabbers in the direction of her mate atop a nearby snag.
Osprey young are usually in the habit of relieving themselves over the side of the nest. Here one backs up to the edge....
....and performs the function. This pose is carried over into adulthood for the adult Osprey will also relieve itself with tail thrust upward.
Another nestling uses the opposite side while the female looks on. This practice helps keep the nest tolerably clean.
A nestling poses with the female.
The nestling appeared to be trying to cough something up. Whether it did or not could not be seen for the nestling's head ducked down behind the branches for a moment but when it came back up it did not appear to be in any more distress.
One of the nestling's stretches its wings.
The male lifts off after bringing a fish to the nest.
The male circled the nest area twice.
Then he settled down to dry off. Overall a very quiet day or at least the part I saw of it for I was called away after only a brief time.
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