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Observations & Images
4 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 23

The male Osprey was preening himself when I arrived in the afternoon.
The female Osprey was feeding the nestlings.
The male Osprey relieves himself preparatory to flying off. In a sign the nestlings our maturing, they have now been observed relieving themselves over the side of the nest rather than in it.
After briefly visiting the nest, the male Osprey flew off over the Lagoon.
He soon returned with an unlucky fish which appeared to have a talon through an eye.
The male flew the fish into the nest.
The female, at left, did not seem impressed, probably because she had just finished feeding the young.
The male flew off with the fish into the pines. He soon returned with it having eaten a bit of the head.
The male Osprey made an ungraceful landing right on the back of the female which this time took notice and accepted the fish from the male. She once again fed the nestlings.
The male perched nearby. This image highlights the size difference between the two. The male Osprey is generally smaller than the female.
The male hopped into the nest where he set about moving sticks around.
The nestlings were curious about all the activity.
Nothing like being close to Mom for a little shade.
The female rested while the male kept alert nearby.
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