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Observations & Images
4 March 2006

A busy day for the female Osprey who made repeated trips to collect nesting material of all sizes while the male loafed nearby. Here the female may be seen carrying a little twig back to the nest.
Both Ospreys have been observed attempting to grab material while on the wing. Here the female Osprey approaches a pine tree with legs down and talons open on one such pass.
Success! The female Osprey has grabbed a branch and broken it off the pine tree while flying by.
On another trip, the female Osprey returned with more material to cushion the bottom of the nest.
The male Osprey's single observed attempt at collecting resulted in his bringing back the small talon-full of material seen here.
Tuckered out, both Ospreys retired to their favorite perch for a long rest.


Today the Otter made several brief appearances throughout the afternoon. During one visit he caught and dined on a crab seen here partially protruding from the Otter's mouth.
The crab was quite a mouthful; its legs moving eerily around in the Otter's mouth as it tried to make sense of its new situation.
The Otter's powerful jaws close around the crab.
With a resounding crunch, the crab meets its end. The Otter sounded like he had a mouthful of potato chips as he thoroughly chewed up the crunchy crab.
All gone---or almost so. A few crab bits are still visible.
A new visitor to the area was this juvenile Ibis shown here trying to land in the pine tree. The bird barely landed on a limb but could not keep its balance and so flew off.
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