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Observations & Images
4 June 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 68

The little nestling is mostly alone in the nest these days; rambling around with nothing to do since it currently seems to have little interest in attempting to fly. Also, of note, the aggressive fledgling still has not made an appearance which does not bode well for him still being alive.
On the other hand, the little nestling and the female fledgling are still dependent on their parents for food. Here the male Osprey arrives with a fish for the nest.
The ability to fly currently does not help the female fledgling get a meal for it is the homebound little nestling, seen using its wings to cover the fish as the female fledgling screams by, who gets most of the food into its grasp before any latecomers can make it to the nest.
Before long the male is back with another fish.
The female fledgling is in the nest as the male lifts off to leave. The little nestling, though, is not content to share this new fish either. Here it can be seen dragging the fish away from the entreaties of the female fledgling. Unlike the aggressive nestling who would forcibly take a fish he wanted away from the little nestling, the female fledgling is a pacifist who does not go beyond pleading with her younger sibling for a meal.
The female fledgling having left; the male returns with yet another fish.
The male is barely in the nest before the female fledgling comes rocketing in.
The female fledgling snatches the fish away from the male.
While the young Ospreys are enjoying their meal the male returns with another fish.
The little nestling immediately lays claim to this new fish as the female fledgling looks on while probably thinking what a glutton her younger sibling is in having had three fish to her one.
But the new fish is not destined to become a meal. The little nestling loses control of the fish as it begins flopping around the nest which then, in a sure disappointment for the hungry Ospreys, the fish jumps out of the nest and falls to the ground.
The female Osprey arrives with a fish which she does not immediately take to the nest but lands on a limb below it where she eats.
Whether it is the absence of any role models to emulate being alone in the nest or the new found happiness of getting first crack at all the fish which come to the nest, the little nestling is rarely seen trying to fly. Here can be seen some images of a short attempt that quickly ended without much being accomplished.
We are looking forward to the day the little nestling joins the female fledgling in the trees around the nest.
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