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Observations & Images
4 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 7

The big news is confirmed today after several days of observations are proved out. The male Osprey from last year's nest has succeeded in finding a mate! The problem is that it is so late in the season and they have yet to start incubating any eggs. If they do try it will put them into some of the very hot days of late spring and summer still trying to raise a family while all the other Osprey nests on the Refuge have been deserted till next season.
Across the Refuge the female Osprey sits with her nestlings. Today should rightly be called the Day of the Big Fish. Why?
Because the female is watching the male tearing into a big fish. As the day played out this fish would gather considerable frequent flyer miles as it gets shuttled back and forth between the nest and various perches.
Starting to get the head apart the male responded to the calls of the female by delivering the fish to the nest.
The female, at left, was eager to get at the fish. She spent some time feeding herself and the nestlings. Eventually she settled down in the nest with considerable fish leftovers.
The male, seeing the female was finished, returned to the nest where he took up the fish.
He picked at it for awhile.
Then he returned the fish to the nest....
....where the female took it from him once again.
Once again, seeing the female was done feeding herself and the nestlings, the male took the fish out of the nest.
Eventually he returned a little less fish than he started out with.
With their great wings getting in the way---a frequent problem given their wings can be anywhere from five to six feet across---the female takes the fish.
You can see how this story is going. The male took the fish back and forth from the nest to various perches at least four more times before the fish finally disappeared into the female and the nestlings on its last visit to the nest.


The day was also marked by sporadic flocks of Cedar Waxwings passing overhead all heading north. A small group of them stopped on the branches over the Osprey nest. The Ospreys were not alarmed by their presence.
But the Cedar Waxwings were finally scared away by the male Osprey on one of his trips from perch to nest with the fish.
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