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Observations & Images
3 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 36

The male Osprey brought a variety of different size fish to the nest. Some big, some small.
In between meals, the female Osprey spent a good part of the morning working on the nest. Here she lands with a sizable branch.
This long branch posed quite a conundrum for the female.
No matter how she tugged and pulled at it it just would not set in the nest.
She tried working at it from all angles. Finally she gave up. Later in the day the branch eventually fell to the ground solving the problem.
Besides the array of fish the male attempted to help out his mate's construction efforts by bringing grass to line the nest.
Another dubious acquisition was this long straight branch which speared into the nest as the female maneuvered for a landing. Luckily no one in the nest appeared to be harmed.
With the stick jammed straight into the nest the female had to let it go. Luckily it fell sideways, hung up for a moment, then joined the earlier branch by falling to the ground.
Some branches, while a bit unwieldy, were manageable like they should be.
Here the female positions the branch landed in the picture above in the nest.
A Black Vulture innocuously landed on a branch near the nest which sent the male Osprey into a defensive rage. Here the Black Vulture retreats after the male Osprey swooped upon it. The male gave chase to the Vulture which could not fly away fast enough.
A little fish makes its way to the nest. Luckily the male made up for this small morsel by bringing much larger fare later in the day.


What sometimes seems to be the most common bird around the Osprey nest is the Red-Bellied Woodpecker. Sometimes anywhere from one to four can be seen at any one time.
Most likely a couple of pairs have roost holes or nest cavities in the dead trees around the Osprey nest. There is at least one known roost hole very close to the Osprey nest.
The Woodpeckers have really taken to exploring the grapefruit trees.
They are almost Spiderman-like in their agility to climb at all angles. Sideways here.
And hanging upside down is no problem
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