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Observations & Images
3 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 22

The male Osprey was eating the head off of a freshly caught fish when I arrived. He was being closely watched by a Crow which wisely decided not to become a nuisance.
The male Osprey flew the fish into the nest.
The female Osprey did not seem too interested in taking the fish from the male. The male's great fish catching ability seems to provide more than the family needs. If there was not enough food coming into the nest the three nestlings would be fighting it out with each other to try and eliminate the competition. David Gessner actually witnessed two nestlings killing a third when food was scarce but, happily, this does not seem to be the case with this nest.
The male flew the fish back into the pines where he ate a little more of it then returned it to the nest.
This time the female, seen at left, took the fish from the male.
The nestlings recognized the dinner bell had rung and scurried forward to eat.
The female was observed passing food out to all three nestlings.
After feeding the nestlings the female Osprey worked on the nest. Here she is about to land with a stick.
A nestling looks out at the world. As it grows older its red eyes will change to yellow.
Another view of the nestling. They are leaving their "reptilian phase" and beginning to look like their parents.
Mom and Dad are often together in the nest.
The parents contemplate their brood.
The male flew off with a leftover fish from the nest. This is something he does often. Eating a little off of it then returning it to the nest.
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