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Observations & Images
3 March 2006

Both Ospreys seemed to be taking it easy today.
They undertook a little nest building.
But it did not hold their attention for very long.
They mated.
But mostly they perched around the nest and did not do much.


An Eastern Phoebe frequents the brush around the base of the pines.
The mysterious gaze of the Soft Shell Turtle is often upon me.
A little photo manipulation reveals the massive body and long neck of the Soft Shell Turtle underneath the water. To see a Softshell Turtle out of the water visit 15 May 2007.
Four Turkey Vultures briefly perched nearby.
An atmosphere of quiet, solemn dignity marked their presence.
Down at the south Osprey nest, which will now forever more be referred to by its new residents, a Great Horned Owl also sat in quiet dignity.
Other than its head moving around, the Great Horned Owl has not moved its body position nor been absent from the nest for the past few days. Could it be worth speculating that they are now incubating their eggs?
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