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Observations & Images
3 June 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 67

The bad news is that the aggressive fledgling has not been seen since 31 May 2007---the day before Tropical Storm Barry swept through the area. With the little nestling, seen at left, and the female fledgling both still entirely dependent on the parents for food, it seems unlikely the aggressive fledgling has set off on his own this soon. Most likely he has met with some storm-related misfortune; either being blown out of the area, or being injured, or, perhaps, even killed.
The male Osprey watches over the family from a nearby perch which is not as conveniently placed as his old eating perch which was lost in the storm.
The female Osprey lands in the nest with a fresh fish much to the delight of the little nestling.
The little nestling is quick to pounce on the fish which the female leaves behind in the nest.
The little nestling, at right, uses its wings to cover the fish from being taken by the female fledgling who leaves the nest after her incessant pleas for a share of fish go unheeded by the little nestling.
The arrival of the female Osprey with another fish seems much more attractive to the little nestling who abandons its meal in favor of pleading to be fed by its mother.
The female Osprey lifts off with the fish without sharing any. The little nestling goes back to eating on its own from the fish in the nest.
Before long the female returns to the nest with the half eaten fish to join the little nestling and the female fledgling who has returned to the nest.
The female is only in the nest briefly before flying off leaving the fish behind.
Interestingly, the female fledgling takes the fish and flies out of the nest with it.
Unfortunately, within seconds of being airborne the fish comes loose from her talons and falls to the ground. The female fledgling loops around and lands back in the nest where she resumes her cries of hunger.
A meal soon presents itself in the form of the male bringing in another fish. The female lands in the nest as the male flies out after dropping off the fish.
Interestingly, the female fledgling, right, finds favor with her mother who feeds part of the fish to the young Osprey.
Before mealtime is over in the nest the male is back to dry his feathers while holding another fresh fish in his talons.
After eating part of the fish the male brings the leftovers to the nest.
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