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Observations & Images
3 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 6

The female Osprey looks out at a new day. The object sticking up just to the left of her head is the tail end of a fish.
The male naps nearby. His peaceful repose is in stark contrast to the melee that developed later in the day that he would take part in.
A visit to the nest by the male, at right, sparks a long monologue from the female.
After bringing a fish directly to the nest the male returns to the snag to dry his feathers.
The male returns with another fish.
Back on the snag his attention is captured by an approaching threat.
The male takes wing to defend the nest from two juvenile Bald Eagles that fly into the area.
Here an Eagle clutching a fish turns on its back to ward off an Osprey.
The Eagle's companion swooped up causing the Ospreys to scatter but they soon returned to continue hounding the Eagles.
Four Ospreys were observed in the struggle. The female Osprey left the nest to join her mate while two Ospreys from a nearby nest flew over to lend their assistance.
One of the Eagles appeared interested in the Osprey nest; circling twice overhead to take a look at it.
A concerted effort by the Ospreys finally drove the Eagles out of the area.
High overhead during the battle could be seen an adult Bald Eagle who took no part in the engagement. All three Eagles left together.
Back in the nest the female Osprey watches the Eagles depart while she pants to catch her breath after the fight.
The male Osprey is shortly back to napping as if nothing had happened.
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