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Observations & Images
31 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 64

A very quiet day with the fledglings flying with apparent ease around the nest area. Here the female fledgling passes overhead.
The female fledgling coming up through the dead branches of the pines.
The female Osprey, at left, and the female fledgling, at right, perched together.
The male lands in the nest with a fish. The little nestling is still nestbound and can be seen through the branches.
The aggressive fledgling was following right behind the male and lands seconds later after his father does. The aggressive fledgling, asserting its dominance, staked the fish as its own.
Ever the provider, the male Osprey soon returned with another fish which was taken by the little nestling seen standing at left. The back of the aggressive fledgling can be seen where it is still eating.
The male lifts off after delivering the fish. At lower right in the image can be seen a Red-bellied Woodpecker exploring around the nest.
Like old times, all three siblings were in the nest for a brief time.
The female fledgling landed atop a dead tree trunk where she can be seen trying to cool off after a long flight flapping around and around the nest area.
The male lands with another fish to a now empty nest save for the little nestling.
The female Osprey made an appearance shortly after the fish delivery. Her maternal instincts came to the fore and she was soon doling out portions of the fish to whichever of her young ones came to the nest.
The aggressive fledgling comes in for a landing. All three young ones now took up begging their mother for a meal. The rotation of fish and family through the nest marked most of the activity for the day.
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