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Observations & Images
31 March 2006
27th day of incubating

If yesterday was filled with activity, today was a slow and lethargic day. The female Osprey sat for a long time in the nest with the male Osprey perched nearby. Eventually she got tired of sitting and called to the male. Note the rope that has been added to the nest since the last visit.
The female's calls soon brought the male Osprey to the nest. The female flew off into the pines.
The male carefully settled himself down into the nest.
After perching for some time in the pines the female flew back to the nest.
Now relieved of nest duty by the female, the male made two trips to collect material for the nest.
He approaches the nest.
And prepares to land.


The Otter family made a brief stop early in the afternoon but refused to swim out into open water staying mostly hidden in the thick grass. As twilight descended, this pair of Red-Bellied Woodpeckers appeared. There is a cavity in the tree just above them out of frame into which they disappeared.
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