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Observations & Images
30 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 63

The male Osprey, on his old eating perch, stretches a wing and a leg. This is usually a signal that an Osprey is about to fly but, in this case, he was just stretching for he spent more time on the branch and was observed napping for a period of it.
The little nestling and the female fledgling in the nest. The female fledgling was observed eating a fish which was eventually handed off to the little nestling to finish.
The aggressive fledgling flies out of the pines from where he was perched.
Living up to his loutish nature, the aggressive fledgling buzzed the nest scaring the female fledgling who threw her wings up in protection.
The aggressive fledgling had his landing gear down and locked well in advance as he attempted a landing on a branch.
He made it onto the branch all right but maintaining his balance was a bit of a struggle. He constantly shifted his position using his wings to stabilize himself as he rocked erratically on the branch.
The male Osprey, who had gone off fishing, returns with a fish for the nest. The little nestling was the recipient of this catch.
The aggressive fledgling took to the air upon seeing the fish and was soon back buzzing the nest but he did not attempt to land. He eventually landed on a branch in a nearby tree.
Seeing that she was not going to get any fish from the little nestling who was closely guarding its meal, the female fledgling flew out of the nest.
She circled the area several times....
....before making a fairly competent landing atop the dead tree trunk near the nest. She appears to be mastering landings much faster than the aggressive fledgling.
The aggressive fledgling eventually landed back in the nest where it made a play to take the fish away from the little nestling. After several unsuccessful attempts, the aggressive fledgling came up behind the little nestling and forcefully pushed it away thus taking control of what little remained of the fish.
The irony is that within minutes the male came in with a fresh fish which the little nestling took control of. The aggressive fledgling seemed content with the fish leftovers for when the meal was over the bird flew off the nest leaving the little nestling to continue its marathon eating session.
The little nestling is rapidly developing for today it was observed making several impressive hover flights over the nest of which follows a select sequence of images. The little nestling most likely will be fledging very soon now.
Flying practice ends to clear the air space for a landing by the male with another fish for the nest. This time it was the female, seen at left in the nest, who took the fish and ate it. This marked the cycle of activity for the rest of the day; the female and two fledglings periodically flying to the nest to eat along with the little nestling fending for itself quite well.
The female fledgling atop a dead tree near the nest. She spent over an hour on this spot slowly preening interspersed with admiring the view.
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