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Observations & Images
30 May 2006
Post-Nesting: Reaffirmation

Both the male and the female Osprey seem content now to land in the nest without any displays indicating the trauma they have been through the past week. Here the female can be seen in the nest.
It was a day of flying for both Ospreys and the weather was perfect for it. Here the female soars around the pines.
The male appeared carrying the remains of a small fish.
The female flew off her perch in the pines when she sighted her mate and the two Ospreys soared around each other in circles.
Around and around they went.
They slowly glided toward the nest.
The female made an effortless turn then landed in the nest.
The male follows the female into the nest.
The female takes the fish from the male and soars away with it in her bill.
She transferred the fish from her bill to her talons in midair.
Transfer complete, she flew off into the pines to eat. The male followed behind her and landed nearby.
After the female finished eating, the female and the male Osprey flew to another pine tree where they could be seen together for well over an hour, remaining there through dusk and my departure.


The bonds holding the Otter family together seem as strong as ever as they forage and play through this afternoon's visit.
A juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron flew out of the pines under the Osprey nest into the last rays of the setting Sun.
The male Pileated Woodpecker gets no rest when he shows up at home as the hatchlings greet him at the entrance with hungry cries.
After feeding the cavity-dwelling young ones, the male Pileated Woodpecker takes wing at dusk carrying garbage from the nest.
A Corn Snake or Red Rat Snake, which ever name one prefers, was found stretched out across the road enjoying the warm sand of Jungle Trail.
The Snake almost met its end under the tires of a speeding pickup truck until a little traffic control to get the truck to swerve around combined with a little gentle prodding prompted the Snake to slither off into the brush to enjoy another day.
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