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Observations & Images
30 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 33

One of the nestlings was being very industrious by repositioning a number of branches around the nest.
The male got in the spirit of his offspring's efforts by bringing a large branch to the nest.
Mom with two of the kids watch dad bring the branch in for a landing.
The male trades the branch for a leftover fish.
After eating a bit the male ends up bringing most of the fish back to the nest. Here he lifts off showing his large wings.
One of the nestlings stretches its wings making a nice comparison with the adult male's wings above.
While looking impressive---though a bit ragged---it will still be many weeks before the nestling is able to fly.
The female comes in for a landing with a branch for the nest showing off the great control she has over her wings---along with beautiful form.
The female looms over her three offspring who are all panting in the heat.


An interesting day for observing other wildlife around the nest. Here a Gray Catbird makes a sunrise appearance atop a grapefruit tree.
Another visitor to the grapefruit trees was this Red-Bellied Woodpecker which showed great interest in the trees.
Here the Woodpecker can be seen flying off with something it has extracted from a branch.
The Woodpecker returned to dig this grub out of a branch.
A small flock of Cedar Waxwings settled in one of the dead pine trees near the nest.
The Waxwing at left was observed picking things off the branch and feeding them to the Waxwing on the right. Another pair of the flock were also observed doing the same thing.
A Crow stops over on the male Osprey's eating branch where it examines the dark stained wood for something to eat.
A Brown Pelican, one of a pair, passes overhead.
The blue on the face of this Six-lined Racerunner mark it as a male.
At the opposite end, the Racerunner displays a painful looking wound from some accident or altercation that severed the end of its tail. Eventually the tail should regrow.
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