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Observations & Images
2 June 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 66

The effects of Tropical Storm Barry have taken a toll on the Osprey nest and the surrounding area. The male Osprey's eating perch is gone; the limb having snapped cleanly in two.
The nest shows damage from the high wind and rain that battered the area overnight. The nest looks like an entire layer has been peeled off. A jumble of sticks at right look like they will soon tumble away making the nest even smaller. Luckily, the dead tree the nest is in is still appears to be intact. Today's high winds and occasional rains showers kept activity around the nest to a minimum.
The male Osprey, perhaps motivated by the damage, brought a stick to the nest.
The female fledgling seemed disturbed by the male's homebuilding effort for she took wing with an irritated squawk when the male appeared overhead.
The female fledgling did not go far but landed on a limb near the nest.
The high winds saw a great number of Ospreys in the air soaring around.
Here a trespassing Osprey passes near the nest much to the vexation of the residents.
The male Osprey comes to the rescue and chases off the intruder. The male and the female Osprey were very active in this regard for most of the day.
The male Osprey about to land in the nest with a small fish. The little nestling was seen to enjoy several meals uninterrupted by its siblings who spent little time in the nest.


A distant view of a Magnificent Frigatebird soaring over the Refuge.
An American Bird Grasshopper makes an abrupt landing upon a Brazilian Pepper after a careening flight through the grapefruit trees.
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