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Observations & Images
2 July 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

The north nest Ospreys were sleeping in late when I arrived at dawn. As the Sun came up they were seen fishing over the Indian River Lagoon before returning to the trees around the nest.

South Nest

The nestling has fledged!

The south nest was empty when I arrived. Far from being worried I was quite excited since it has been obvious the past few days the nestling has been anxious to leave the nest.

Sure enough, perched atop a snag close to the nest was the nestling, fledgling now, looking a bit wary of the new world it has entered.
The fledgling perched on the snag for quite some time before, embarrassingly, the bird lost its balance.
Regaining its composure, the fledgling spread its wings....
....and flew off the snag!
Trees intervened to block the view of most of the brief flight. The landing in the nest could be clearly seen.
The fledgling settled down in the nest after its adventure away from home. Thunderstorms moved into the area forcing my departure so I did not have a chance to see the fledgling fly again this day.
The female Osprey, as always, perched above the nest on her favorite snag watching the fledgling and the surroundings very closely.


The sky over the south Osprey nest is very popular with Brown Pelicans as a flyway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon.
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