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Observations & Images
2 February 2008
Random Wildlife Encounters

Two Yellow-Crowned Night Herons peer out from the mangroves in the bright morning light. The discovery of a Night Heron roost makes hiking around Bird's Impoundment very exciting with the expectation of seeing a congregation of both Yellow-Crowned and Black-Crowned Night Herons all in one spot.
Distant views of an immature Bald Eagle being harassed by an Osprey inside Bird's Impoundment. Here the Eagle faces into the incoming Osprey. The Osprey, at upper right, homes in on its target.
Throwing its head back to face the attacking Osprey, the Eagle spreads its wings in an attempt at intimidation. The Osprey passes by leaving the Eagle to regain its balance.
The Eagle prepares for another pass by the Osprey. The Eagle flipped over to present its talons to the Osprey seen here climbing up and away.
The Osprey moved off leaving the Eagle alone. After a few minutes the large, young raptor flew off. Distant views of a male American Widgeon floating around in the Impoundment. He was accompanied by three female Widgeons.
Here can be seen one of the many Ospreys loafing around Bird's Impoundment this morning.
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