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Observations & Images
29 March 2009
day 41 of incubation (approximate)

The male already has a fish when I arrive. The fish is draped in seaweed which gives some indication of the Lagoon environment the fish was caught in.
The female can be seen in the nest from where she watches the male eat.
The male lets loose a warning cry toward a passing Osprey.
The male brings the fish to the nest.
The female shows no interest in taking the fish which seems to puzzle the male.
After having his offering rejected by the female the male departs the nest. The ball of grass below him was clinging to his talons when he lifted off but fell away as he cleared the nest.
The male naps on a perch near the nest.
The two Crows who frequent the nest area make their appearance.
With the appearance of the Crows comes the realization that the perch which is so attractive to the Crows is also the one favored by the male Osprey where he eats the fish he catches. Here one of the Crows finds that it will not be able to visit the perch since it is occupied by the male Osprey.
The Crows fly off without getting any reaction from the male Osprey. The Crows are probably visiting the branch each day to consume any leftover fish remains along with any insects also attracted by any leftovers.
The female returns to the nest after making a short loop around the area.
Here she can be seen watching the male napping below her on a nearby perch.
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