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Observations & Images
29 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

The north nest female Osprey was spending the hot part of the afternoon---now that's most of the afternoon during the summer---perched on a branch under her nest.
The male Osprey was perched nearby.
The male Osprey was awakened from his afternoon nap by a Crow which flitted through the area. The Crow flew off leaving the male to return to napping.

South Nest

The south nest female Osprey spent the afternoon perched on the snag overlooking the nest.
The nestling was very active.
The nestling would hop around the nest while flapping its wings.
Occasionally, the nestling looked like it would fly right out of the nest.
When that did not happen the nestling tried to move a branch.
When the branch failed to yield the nestling went back to hopping from one end of the nest to the other while flapping its wings.
Then the remarkable happened.
The nestling soared straight up over the nest and hovered.
Then it settled back down into the nest.
At this rate the nestling will probably fly free over the next few days.
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