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Observations & Images
29 January 2007
Nest Building

The material is piling up at the old nest site but the real focus of the male Osprey's activities continues to be the nearby tree. If he would concentrate his efforts on what has accumulated here he might be able to rebuild a fairly decent nest in short order in the old nest tree.
The male can be seen napping at the site of the new nest construction. Note the blue rope and the dark mass of seaweed hanging from the branch below him.
A side view reveals his new tree has little in the way of support to hold up a nest---especially one as large as an Osprey's.
From another angle it is even more apparent why most of his branches fall to the ground. There is little to show in the way of real construction after almost a month of work.
A female Osprey flies into the area. Interestingly, she lands atop one of the branches at the old nest site. Is she the female Osprey from last season?
She leaves the old nest and begins soaring around in circles---she can be seen along the bottom left hand side of the picture. Her appearance brings the male Osprey, seen at top, from off the branch at the new nest site. The two birds spend some time circling together.
The female lands on a branch near where the male continues his work on the new nest.
After working on the nest, the male Osprey suddenly becomes offended for some reason at having the female around. Here she can be seen fleeing her perch after the male swooped at her from overhead. The female left the area and was not seen the rest of the day.
The male returns to working on the two nests. With his talons open he sights a likely branch he might be able to break off as he passes by.
He successfully breaks off a branch which he carries to the old nest.
He hovers trying to find a spot to put the branch but there is nowhere to put it.
Making a brief stop at the top of the tree he allows the branch to fall away.
Jumping down from the tree top he goes after another branch.
He carries a branch broken off the old nest tree to the new nest site.
A load of grass makes a trip to the old nest tree.
Part of the grass breaks away as he comes in for a landing.
The male lands atop the old nest tree. Note the grass coming out from under his talons. Also note the rope that once draped over his large nest last season but is now just a sad reminder of what was.
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